Physician Order for Nurse Supervised Caregiver

I have a question for agencies that maintain dual licensing: home service ( non-medical) and nursing license.
We are a home care agency in the state of Illinois and are currently in the process of adding a nursing license to the current home services. This will enable us to develop more comprehensive client POCs and provide needed medication reconciliation and symptom management. However, we are running into the issues of wether we can continue using caregivers who are not CNAs but add in a nursing assessment and care oversight. Also, wanted to see wether physician orders would now be required for all initial nursing assessments if the only skilled care that is required is medication reconciliation?

Thank you for sharing information!
Jane Shekman, MHA
Principal at LifeCare


  • Hi Jane,
    You don't have to have an order for a nursing assessment. You also do not need a POC for a home services client. There is nothing in the regulation that stops you from doing more than is asked of you but there is nothing that would require you to have a CNA for home services. We have a few home services client which we do a POC simply because they are workers comp and the insurance company wants one. But not state required. Hope this helps.

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