Ok... here is the deal Aladrial will drain

Ok... here is the deal Aladrial will drain your prayer to 0 in the RS gold event that you turn on any protection prayer. . .however. . Lets say Aladrial is meleeing you which is what she does at first...(hits 30'-40's) run to safe spot turn on protect from mage and return. .

Then you can run to secure place, consume, bud, and turn protect from range. . .run back. . .And Aldrial will range you to get 5 strikes (hots 15's to 25's) and drain your salvation to 0. You may repeat this as many times as you'd like and try to kill her with your desired battle of choice. When Aldrial is dead, you will be hit with a retropution kind spell which however many hitpoints you have will require you to 1 (If you have 1 hitpoint it will not move any further down).I have attempted to post a suggestion for cheap OSRS gold a few improvements to this farming ability at the forum, however, I must be violating something, because my articles keeps being deleted! I've tried to read the asterik ribbon to see if I suggest something that isn't permitted (did anybody mention:"banana republic"), but so far I have not figured it out myself.

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