Dissertation is a soup, and I am a fork ( I still managed it).

"I was always passionate about geology, and I somehow managed to complete my M.Phil. and get an admission in a Ph.D.
As soon as I reached the point when I had to submit my dissertation proposal, I knew it wasn’t my cup of tea. I simply wasn’t cut from that cloth which researchers are. But I had to find a way around it. Hence, I decided to take Google's help. After searching for a few hours, I found out there were services out there that helped students with their dissertation proposals - Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Help services.
It only makes sense that I went for it, and to my delight, it worked out well. Then, after submitting my proposal, I ordered the dissertation from the same service, and as I expected, it worked fine.
Though dissertation was not my thing, I still managed it well. "

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