What is Microsoft GCC?

Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud(GCC) is widely used across various US federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government bodies. It is also utilized in organizations that deal with certain types of government data that falls under stricter regulatory requirements. The technology requirements and needs of the US government are unique to typical businesses in the private sector. For this reason, Microsoft created dedicated software and services that cater specifically to the public sector—Office 365 US Government. This offering addresses many of the compliance struggles that government cloud computing faces.
The two plans that are available, Office 365 GCC and Office 365 GCC High, are both monthly subscriptions that can then be licensed to an unlimited amount of users. However, due to the added security and infrastructure, Microsoft GCC pricing is 40% higher than normal Microsoft government license costs.
Both Government Cloud Computing and GCC High offer similar features and functionality. The main difference is that GCC offers cloud services that comply with federal, criminal justice, and federal tax information systems requirements. GCC High, on the other hand, complies with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, Department of Defense Security Requirements Guidelines, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and the upcoming Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance framework(CMMC).

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