Compare OBS Studio vs Elgato Game Capture?

OBS Studio – A Quick Overview
Open Broadcaster Software Studio or OBS Studio is freeware and open source. It offers some very impressive features that let you capture everything that happens on your screen for free and without any frustrating limitations. It can capture your screen in HD quality and catch footage from your webcam. OBS Studio also allows you to record audio from a microphone and save the results in the file format of your choice. Lastly, OBS also gives you the option to stream the videos in real-time on several popular streaming platforms.

OBS is certainly an ideal choice for gamers and professionals alike. It’s feature set rivals those provided by more premium tools. It is equipped with HD recording and live streaming capabilities. It puts no restrictions on the length of your videos. OBS Studio is open source and ad-free. You can use OBS Studio for free. It takes little time and effort for setup. If you are a keen gamer, the vast and helpful OBS community can be one more reason for you to use OBS studio.

Elgato’s Game Capture Software series offers multiple options to record your gameplay, save it on your hard drive, or stream online. There are different versions available to address your live streaming and game capture needs. Also, the hardware requirements for Elgato may vary from version to version. Supported systems include Windows and Mac OS, but some versions strictly need Windows machines only. Although Elgato gives you options to record HD and even 4K quality videos, most of Elgato game recording and live streaming programs are dependent on additional Elgato devices like capture cards.

In Comparison – OBS Studio vs Elgato
As OBS studio is open-source software, it can be configured in multiple ways, and the setup process itself can be fun. On the other hand, Elgato requires a thorough study of your hardware and game or video capture requirements before the selection of the correct version. While both OBS studio and Elgato software applications can be downloaded and installed for free, Elgato software requires you to buy devices sold separately by Elgato. OBS Studio supports all Windows, Linux, and Mac OS based machines, while Elgato Game Capture Software is supported by Windows and Mac OS only. With the vast OBS community, OBS users can rest assured that the help they need is a few clicks away at the time of snags, but Elgato users may need to struggle in finding the right solution to their problem.

I hope this comparison will be helpful!
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