In the case that updating java along with your webbrowser

I'm not looking for the most exp pouches, I am searching for pouches that will sell back, to help decrease my loss; I only have 2 mill in my bank, but desire 69 summoning, and I DO plan on using as much excitement as wanted, even all if I must.Runescape retains dcing me. As in I log into lobby, try to go to a few of those servers and guess what, I could see my stats and stuff and the chat box but the rest of the screen is black. Nothing loads up after and I dc occasionally it dcs me in the lobby wat is dis. I will run you through a few'standard procedure' items.

From what I understand a black screen difficulty is connected with an older version of coffee. Are you upgraded coffee? Are you running the latest version of your internet browser? In the case that updating java along with your webbrowser doesn't fix it, please answer the following so we might be of more help: What operating system are you using? What webbrowser are you using? You also may attempt to tweak the graphics options before logging into the game, found in the top right hand corner on the login screen.

Magic, for one. . But it'd be quite slow with this method. Buy elemental (fire, air, water, ground ) bstaffs. . (9kish every ) and alch them. They alch to get 9.3k ea. . Following nats price, thts still 100-150 gp, per alch... Per alch gives 63 exp or so. Lets say u need 12.5mil exp to get 99 mage. Thats approx 198413 alchs. U can get 1200 alchs per hr, if ur dedicated. U actually make a profit of 19.8mil, to 29.7mil by getting 99 mage.

This method is slow, as u might only buy 100 bstaffs every 4hrs, thats 600 staffs every 24 hrs. . In other words it'll take u 330.5 days to purchase all the staffs u need for 99 mage... Although only need alch for about 5 hrs a day, for 30 days to get 99 mage. . 30mil wont cut it... In fact ull need approx: 1,984,130,000 gp to purchase all of the staffs needed to get 99 mage... So just buy as much as u can for 30m, alch, and place the order again.

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