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Canon com IJ setup Help – Step-by-Step point for Canon Printer Setup – Download & complete installation from canon/J setup online. We are providing independent support service if in case you face a problem downloading setup or install Canon Printer Model. When connecting a Canon printer to your computer, the system naturally doesn't need to install a driver installed. Though, if it is an older system (such as the original Windows XP operating system and earlier), the computer may immobile require the driver installed before detect the linked printer. If the CD is no longer available, it is possible to install the Canon printer driver from another source.


  • Install the Print Head
    1. Remove the Print Head from its package.
    There may be some transparent or light blue ink on the inside of the bag the print head comes in or the inside of the protective cap - this has no effect on print quality. Be careful not to get ink on yourself when handling these items.
    2. Remove the orange protective cap(A) from the Print Head and discard it.
    3. Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever until it stops. The Print Head Lock Lever may feel heavy.
    4. Insert the Print Head.
    (D) Do not touch!
    5. Push the Print Head to hold it in place, and lower the Print Head Lock Lever carefully.
    If the Top Cover is left open for more than 10 minutes, the Print Head Holder moves to the right. Close and reopen the Top Cover to return the holder to the center.
    6. Make sure that the Print Head is installed correctly.
    Be sure that the Print Head Lock Lever is pressed all the way down, and that the Print Head is locked firmly in place. If the Print Head is tilted forward, or the Print Head Lock Lever is pressed only halfway down, raise the Print Head Lock Lever and remove the Print head, and then reinstall the Print Head.

    Install the Ink Tanks
    For the ink tanks compatible with this printer, refer to the back cover of the Quick Start Guide.

    1. Pull the orange tape in the direction of the arrow to peel off the protective film and remove the film completely.
      (A) If the air hole is blocked with the remaining film, the ink may leak out or may not eject properly.
    2. Twist off and discard the orange protective cap(B) located on the bottom of the ink tank.
      Do not touch the electrical contacts(C).
      Do not touch the ink port(D).
      (E) Do not press!
    3. Insert the ink tank into the right-hand slot and press the mark on the ink tank until it clicks into place.
    4. Make sure the ink lamp lights red.
      (F) Install all ink tanks in order from right to left according to the colored label.
    5. Close the Top Cover.
      The printer starts operating. Wait about 2 minutes until the printer stops making noise.
      When printing for the first or second time after setup, the print will take a minute or two before it becomes ready to print.

    Hope this helps.


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