Our characters are Beginning to look like the ones of OSRS

I know they said it'd be a lot of work to switch the body model, but I really don't find it being impossible to update the faces and attributes. It would not alter the size or height/position so that it shouldn't affect any equipment. Reminder: Chat-heads really are something, and there's an insanely enormous amount of those buy OSRS gold. Consider your player apparel: hairstyle, beardhair color. Most of those would have to be altered to reflect the newest models - also female personalities have horse legs. If they're going to upgrade the mind, they might too upgrade the body - which, again, is a MASSIVE undertaking.

Okay but just like if every gambling company said it'd be a lot of work to upgrade models all MMOs would still have versions from the early 2000s. There is a time once the face of the game is indeed obsolete and ugly that its damaging your brand a lot. Tell me somebody who doesnt play Runescape will examine the character on the right and be like"looks trendy want perform". I mean, this game is built upon almost ancient coding techniques along with a habit in-house system. From Mod Maz's interview with Shauny - a lot of these backend sounds just like a nightmare. That being said - I agree they could do some thing - but I'm just stating why they said they wouldn't, and it, at least marginally, logically makes sense.

(And let us be fair, the money you spend doesn't really return into Runescape like it should, so GL.) Its really depressing that theres many updates/suggestions that cant veen be considered because engine old or work coding. I get its hard but at the same time cant just remain secured where we are due to these reasons, something needs to occur. One evening there'll be a huge, gamebreaking insect (something Runescape cant recover from or changes it forever, such as the idiot glitch x100) because of this Knee code nightmare.

I've found it in other (non gambling ) places. You have the well respected veteran coder turned supervisor and he's behind making use of a proprietary or extremely uncommon code speech. It gets executed since it is in their own comfort zone and then you can't find people to code it, there are all sorts of issues where developers say"well that's what we're stuck with because we made a decision to use this speech", which eventually becomes the default civilization, to blame the software even if there are sometimes ways to make it operate. But you wouldn't understand if there were ways to make it work anyhow, since it is all undocumented.

In most instances I've noticed, the developers in that scenario wind up getting replaced through an outsourced replacement application. This component could be challenging considering the application is the entire business and it's custom IP, but I can imagine there are several billion tech consultencies that could tell Jagex they can convert all of Runescape to -insert well known programming language- at the click of a button, because that's what tech consultents always state to obtain a contract. It is possible they've already wasted their money with businesses like that.

Banking is similar to this. Banks are urgently, and I really do mean DESPERATELY, searching for people who are able to use COBOL since its what all the previous systems have been coded and they can not change them. Should they try winrsgold, there's an extremely high chance the entire international banking network collapses overnight. Its frankly a ridiculous circumstance but kind of hilarious at a very dreadful way. Yep, but in least COBOL was popular so there's documentation to reference. I have seen banking apps that port with this COBOL that operate on drag-and-drop fashion programming languages that are so vague they're ungoogleable.

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