Awesome myCareer thought

You ought to be able to give your teammates highfives and stuff like that on the court. If my teammate dunks on LeBron I should be able to have my player emote positively Buy 2K21 MT. You should also have the ability to yell from your teammates, such as:"shoot that next time" or"I had been open""remain home on your man""article that man up" etc etc etc.. If you consistently shout for a guy to play out his match, such as: telling a non shot to shoot or a lousy defender to stop letting guys go by themyour teammate chemistry together with that participant ought to go down and vice versa if you're consistently encouraging them.

This is a great idea, maybe you could use a headset it would be hard to implement but that would be amazing. The headset idea is amazing, I never thought of that. To me literally being able to say"nice pass" or"nice defense" goes a long way. Exactly, they could either do that with basic voice commands or they can do it how rocket league does it. This creates a personal relationship that the cutscenes that are pre-made just can't accomplish. If you're always a jerk teammates need to be able to request trades while being fine encourages teammates to stay with the team.

Can not agree more. My initial build for every 2K I try to have as much of a career that is realistic so I typically play with at least 2-3 seasons and or having a real story having the ability to socialize with players would be a fantasy. Building friendships and rivalries with whoever you need and having the ability to begin a fight, becoming ejected or seeing somebody go nuts will be so entertaining. Of 75/25/15 every game with Shaq congratulating me in my dual double.

Ive always thought that you ought to have connections with your teammates. Good idea. By way of instance after a teammate makes a shot an and one in the event that you walk or run them up nba2king plays with an animation sometimes randomly. The immersion is actually brought by it to a different level. Consistently I would love if we can help up teammates I don't think I've ever seen that occur.

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