Mill total left but buy Mut 21 coins

On a different matter, is it just me or does anyone else believe Lamar could suck since he's free? I can only imagine the wide open misses now.

I would not encourage people to Madden 21 coins waste time in ThemeBuilders or even really in Journey. I've always been around NMS, always get a 98 or 99 group, and never kill myself doing the Missions that ask you to play numerous full-length games. The return on investment is not really there, and also the cards that you get as a reward typically are no where near end-game cards.

As someone who is new to Madden (I've had Madden 20 for approximately ten days), but well versed in FIFA Ultimate Team and does not spend money on things, this is an excellent guide.You've just laid my off-line mill to both build my group and gain experience playing the match against the AI.

Messaged I believe everyone back. I think im still gonna have a touch left if anybody else needs some I want to know tho as not everyone needed a ton only a mill or 2 here and there...Just upgrading, nevertheless have a few mill total left but buy Mut 21 coins have sold a few million recently to people here (can check rep thread for proof from now im legit). Have another man lined up for an hour or so but nevertheless have a lil left if anybody needs some its first come first serve.

Just sold 5 mill now up to now. Some could be found in rep thread for verification.

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