It seems the luck just isn't in it for me .

It seems the luck just isn't in it for me . I used to RuneScape gold make money by barrowing, but I have not done this much. I've just done maybe 30 invents at barrows and that I made maybe 20M in the previous days, these days probably roughly 35M. I have quite little time on the computer now, and that I play intermittently (only took some very important exams, in about 10 days I've a little more, less significant exams, but after those I will have about two months off.) Any thoughts? I know I have asked this before, lots of times, it is just that it doesn't appear to be working and I have been staying at ~45M net value for quite some time. First of all, you don't incline, ever (particularly at corp), even if you want to make money. Masses are for people who actually have LSP, not to individuals trying to make money without any.

I have made all my cash GWD. It's actually fairly solid and despite dry streaks. If you go into Sara or Arma where hilts are 60m, (and you also do small teams, 3-4 man), then you'll earn a whole lot each hilt. You may also try Dks. You've got 99 magic, so you just need an SOl and you can Fire Surge there. As you're a pure and you also do not want def xp, you should bring a fruit bat to heal along with improved excalibur, brews and normal/super restores.

Okay, so I need an adequate cape, I cba to get Soul War cape, Obsidion cape stinks;-; I tried getting an easy 99 for the cape, but it is not worth it. So I am going for a fire cape. In terms of armour, I offered my guthans to get a sol so no guthan method pls. In terms of armour in lender, Verac skirt, guthan top, rune cross, nezzy helm, whip, sol, obby shield, Ahrims hood, Archers helm, Black dragonhide, Saradomin Stole, Dragon boots, explorer ring, Combat necklace. Those are the primary ones. I've like 1.5m to spend, but I do not want to blow all of it.

This weekend I got bored, so I decided to choose a fourth skull sceptre (I consumed my additional ones). I got the minotaur one and the flesh crawler one in roughly 30 minutes and then I went on to combat catablepons. Being bad, I was using a rune 2h and complete dhide. no helm. What's the most effective way to kill catablepons? I had been using those that are cb 64 since the ones which are cb 49 are surrounded by cb 50 competitive giant spiders, and I could not actually get to killing catablepons, and Old School RS Gold the same question with ankous. I've about 100k to spend on things and whatnot. Any suggestions?

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