Any adjustments to the stock I need?

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Any adjustments to OSRS gold the stock I need? And here is what I am wearing: (Yesit sucks. . .but has a decent prayer bonus. . .and all defensive stats are 100+) Neit Helm. Fury/Guthix Stole -- will use Fury when I could borrow... Black d'hide shirt, Black d'hide thighs, Snakeskin boots, Ring of Recoil, Guthix Book, Rune C'Bow, 1300 odd Broad-Tipped Bolts. Any anything you think I should have besides that? No Barrows armour! Thanks Ahead of Time!

Pest control is great as long as you are not in a group of people that don't do anything, and that I don't know how often that occurs in bulk PC worlds. I Pest Controlled my Defense from such as 70-85, that is when I started to despise it with a passion. If you don't need to perform Pest Control (or Soul Wars, that is better-ish, so I hear) frequent training places would be: Giant Spiders, Flesh Crawlers, Ankous?

It's very dull, heading for 80+ you will probally die of boredom. As for soul wars, even if you can enter a match, then you probally wont do to Buy RS gold much. FOG is also a good selection, as a couple hundred xp every few minutes. Not fast, but definetly not boring.pest controller is fairly fast as well, but your level might be modest low(like 65 in all+). So in summary: several friends, short periods, but a lot of periods=experiments.

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