How to choose the main pump in vacuum system

How to choose the main pump in vacuum system?

In the design and calculation of the vacuum system, people call the vacuum pump which directly vacuumizes the vacuum container as the main pump, and the vacuum pump which maintains the pressure of the other pump below the critical pre stage pressure is called the front stage pump. In order to make the vacuum pump in the container to be pumped quickly from atmospheric pressure to the working pressure of the main pump, it is called pre pumping vacuum pump. For a vacuum system, the front stage pump of the system is often used as the pre pumping vacuum pump. The main pump here refers to the selection. In a narrow sense, it refers to the proper matching of the main pump with a reasonable front stage pump. In a broad sense, it includes the selection of the front stage pump and the pre pumping pump.

In order to determine the type of main pump, the first thing to consider is the feasibility and reliability. According to the limit vacuum degree and working vacuum degree (the limit vacuum degree of the main pump is slightly higher than the limit vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber), according to the type of gas to be pumped, the proportion of each gas, and the inclusion of dust in the gas, the true pump empty meeting the process requirements should be selected. When more than two different types of pumps are suitable for the above conditions, it is necessary to select an economically reasonable vacuum pump according to the economic indicators such as initial investment and daily maintenance costs. Then, we compare the environment and other conditions to select the best one. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the whole set of vacuum system and comprehensively consider it. It is not only necessary to make a comparison between vacuum pumps to determine.

Determine the size of the main pump, is based on the vacuum chamber in the work of the required working pressure and the maximum volume of exhaust. The working pressure in the vacuum chamber must be selected within the best pumping speed pressure range of the main pump. In addition, the size of the vacuum chamber and the pumping time should be considered, because if the volume of the vacuum chamber is larger, the pumping speed of the main pump will also increase under a certain pumping time.

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