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An invisible virus made the world shrink and shiver in fear. People are losing jobs. Companies are going bankrupt. Governments became vulnerable. Even the richest and powerful nations have met their match. But in the midst of all these predicaments, I can see that the future is beaming with hope and assurance.

When this is over, we will all be wiser in managing our finances. We will no longer sacrifice our savings and emergency funds for the sake of short term luxury. We will take good care of our jobs, and our business. We will not let a day pass without hugging our loved ones. We will appreciate the beach, the mountains and do our part to protect them. We will no longer miss our classes or think that education is boring. We will no longer take our health for granted. We will start living a healthy lifestyle. We will no longer be irresponsible and entitled people. We will no longer act as victims but live as victors. We will remember this time when we all joined hands and helped in ways we could to fight a common enemy. That once in the history of the world, we all fought as one humanity.

When this is over, the world will be a better place to live once again.


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