Is QuickBooks Hosting a Good Idea?

Hosting Quickbooks will give you a lot of advantages than the Quickbooks online.

1) Price: When you host QuickBooks in the cloud, you pay for your QuickBooks license and then the resources required hosting it. In other words, you pay only for what you need, when you need it.

2) User Experience: The features you use today in your desktop version will be exactly the same in your QuickBooks hosting solution available on your remote desktop!

3) Support: When you host your solution in the cloud, you get technical support for your infrastructure 24/7/365 by phone, email or chat.

4) Access: One of the advantages of using a hosted solution for QuickBooks is that you can access it from anywhere at any time and on any device.

5) Basic Accounting Functions: From standard accounting functions to track and manage inventory or track international sales and expenses in several currencies. However, if you opt for Hosted QuickBooks, all of these features are included.

6) Remote Desktop for QuickBooks: We’ve talked a lot about hosting QuickBooks with a cloud provider. To run QuickBooks in the cloud, you need to set up a Remote Desktop solution. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) can help your small business save a lot of time and money.

Here are some more reasons to choose cloud:

1) Data Security

2) Disaster Recovery

3) Stay up to date

I hope this information helps!


  • Here are few more benefits:

    Backup and Disaster Recovery
    All businesses must invest in disaster recovery solutions, but for medium-sized businesses that lack the required amount of cash and skill, the cloud is an ideal solution. Cloud technology is helping more small businesses buck that trend.

    When on the cloud, QuickBooks data is saved in highly protected data centers, and there are multiple copies of your files taken by the provider. Moreover, data transfer is secure since it is enabled over a highly encrypted data transfer protocol.

    Therefore, even if there is an accident or natural disaster like fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. information can be retrieved easily, and business can always be up and running.

    According to the Bloomberg Businessweek article, about 800,000 laptops are stolen or lost every year in airports alone. If you are storing all the information on a laptop or mobile alone, the information can be easily stolen or accessed.

    However, if you are using the cloud, your data is much more secure as you need a user ID and password to access the data. Sure, it can be annoying if you have to replace your device but not as a disastrous situation if all your data is stolen.

    Moreover, many competent QuickBooks Hosting providers safeguard information from various cyber-attacks through security measures like end-to-end encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus, anti-malware, and more.

    Easy Collaboration
    QuickBooks hosting makes collaboration with outside parties such as accountants or outsourced bookkeeper easier. Accountants can work on client accounts more often, easily share files or data with the client even while the client is working in the system.

    QuickBooks on the cloud not only eliminates the need to copy or sync files but also lets outsourced employees or professionals work closely with everyone. It further reduces the chances of errors while working, and improve their productivity.

    Anytime, Anywhere Access
    Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud allows SMBs to access their QuickBooks files anytime, anywhere, and on any device as well as simultaneously. This makes small firms independent of the local network. One of the most obvious advantages of remote service is a high-speed online response of your QuickBooks as the application is installed on highly optimized servers.

    Small firms with outsourced employees or with multiple locations find this centralized access to the QuickBooks application as the key feature of QuickBooks hosting.


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